We want to encourage you to invest in your wellness and to that end, our membership plan is simple.  It is a month-to-month plan that includes one massage per month as well as discounts on any additional massages you receive per month.  We believe that regular maintenance is essential and want to encourage you to do regular self-care.  Once a month massage is perfect for this. For those of you who want or need more frequent massage we have further discounted additional sessions you receive in the same calendar month.  You can also buy unlimited gift cards for family and friends at member prices*.

60 Minute Massage $64/month
90 Minute Massage $96/month

Additional massages per month:
30 Minute add-on $29
60 Minute Massage $54
90 Minute Massage $81

*Only 2 gift cards can be redeemed by the same person within a 6 month period.