Therapeutic Massage:

The goal of therapeutic massage is to reduce pain, correct posture, and restore ease and range of motion.  Pressure may range from very light to deep and the massage may include active or passive range of motion, stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and muscle activation techniques.  The techniques used during any session will vary based on the goals set for the session and how your body responds to each.  Therapeutic massage can often give results in a single massage, however to change your body you will generally need several closely spaced sessions at the beginning of treatment that can later be spaced further apart as progress is made.  Often your therapist may give you “homework” that involves various stretches and strengthening exercises that are meant to augment the treatment you receive in the office and move you toward your goals more rapidly than treatment alone.

TMJ Massage

TMJ massage treatment consists of massage to the neck, shoulders, facial, and muscles of the mouth (intraoral massage).  Intraoral massage is a technique that involves releasing muscles inside the mouth.  To do this you therapist will use a gloved hand (usually just a single finger) to release the fascia and trigger points that are only accessible on the inside of the jaw.  Releasing these areas is used to treat TMJ dysfunction.  In addition to treating TMJD this technique is helpful in addressing sinus pain (not related to sinus infection), neck pain, headaches, ear pain, difficulty chewing, limited range of motion, and clicking or popping of the jaw.

Relaxation Massage:

It’s exactly what it sounds like!  Relaxation has many therapeutic benefits and often during a relaxation massage your therapist will spend a little extra time on a troublesome area, however the overarching goal is to take you to a deeply healing place where you can release the stress and struggles of everyday life, heal mentally as well as physically, and remind yourself how good life can be.

Sports Massage

     Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious competitive athlete, maintenance is the key to longevity. This massage incorporates targeted stretching and muscle activation techniques to keep you performing.
     Sports massage is typically broken down into pre-event, inter-event, post-event and maintenance or therapeutic. Pre-event massage should ideally take place within 1 to 2 hours preceding your sporting event, practice, or workout. The goal is to get your muscles and mind pumped up and ready to perform. Post-event massage should take place within 24 hours after your event to help prevent pain and speed recovery. Deep pressure is inappropriate during these massages and is reserved for therapeutic/functional aspect of maintenance care.We are available to come to your event to provide pre, inter, and post event massage.
     Most people will be looking for therapeutic or functional massage that focuses on the specific muscles associated with their sport or workout, or areas of dysfunction that interfere with performance or comfort and concentration during events. Treatment involves assessing active and passive range of motion, checking for inhibition caused by overly tight muscles, and using stretching, muscle energy techniques, and your own muscle’s physiology to restore proper function and ease of movement.

Prenatal Massage

This is a customized massage for moms-to-be to help you relax away your worries and the occasional pains associated with your body’s transition.  Pregnancy is a time of great physical change as mom’s body shifts to make room for a new life growing inside.  During this time the hips must widen and tilt and various muscles, tendons, and ligaments must stretch in accommodation.  Yet it is a time to be enjoyed as well.  We work to incorporate treatment of the aches and pains associated with these changes with relaxation to create the ideal environment for baby to grow.  With mom and baby’s utmost safety in mind, we perform prenatal massage only in the side-lying position.

Hot Stone Massage

Let your tension and pains melt away.  We use heated basalt stones to heat the muscles and soft tissue during the massage.  This allows your muscles to release more easily without applying more pressure.  Hot stone massage is amazingly relaxing and luxurious.  You can also ask your therapist to combine hot stones with some focused therapeutic work as well.  (Our hot stone massage is not stone placement, we use the stones to perform the massage)