Policies & FAQ’s


Cancellation Policy

We maintain a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. If you change or cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. If you give less than 4 hours notice or no-show, you will be charged in full for the appointment.

Vouchers and gift cards will not be redeemed for late cancellations, your credit card will be charged for these and you can use your voucher or gift card for a subsequent booking.

Refusal of Service

We rarely refuse service to anyone, however we reserve the right to do so.  There are three reasons we will refuse service.

  1. You have a condition for which massage is contraindicated.  If it is an acute condition, we will reschedule you to a later date when the issue has resolved.  If it is a chronic condition, we will discuss options with you including different modalities that may work with your condition.  We will not see a client whose condition may worsen with treatment.  You will not be charged in these situations.
  2. You sexualize the session.  All sessions are therapeutic in nature.  If any sexual advance or innuendo is made the session will be terminated immediately and you will be asked not to return.  You will be charged in full for these appointments.
  3. You are abusive toward therapists or staff.  We have a responsibility to ourselves and our other clients to maintain our health.  Abusive treatment including yelling, insulting, and threatening will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  If this occurs over the phone, you will not be booked.  If this occurs  during a session, the session will be terminated immediately and you will be charged in full.


Online Appointment Scheduling
Are there any openings that do not appear online?

No.  Our online scheduling system lists all available appointment times.

How do I schedule online?

Just click the “Book Now” link to the right of the screen.  You can use your facebook to login or you can create a new account.  Just fill in the boxes and then browse through our schedule to find a day and time that works for you. *IMPORTANT* Please use a valid email address that you will check regularly and be sure to tick the box to opt-in for automatic emails.  When you request an appointment online, it is only a request, not a booking.  You will receive a subsequent email to inform you that your request was accepted or declined.  There are two main reasons we decline appointments: 1) Someone else requested the same spot prior to your request being submitted. 2)  Incomplete billing information. We require a valid credit card on file for all appointments.

I have a gift card/voucher – do I still need to enter my credit card information?

Yes.  We require a valid credit card to hold all appointments.  Your card will not be charged at the time a request is made or at the time of booking.  Your card will only be charged at the time of the appointment at your request (for tip or membership for example) or in accordance with our cancellation policy.  In the event of a late cancellation or missed appointment your card will be charged.  If you have a gift card or voucher, you still retain it and can use it for a subsequent visit.

My gift card/ voucher is about to expire and there are no appointments that work for me prior to the expiration date – will I lose it?

No.  As long as you book the appointment prior to the expiration date, even if the actual appointment does not occur until after expiration, your gift card or voucher will be honored.

*When booking online, please add a comment to the comments box giving your gift card number (located on the back of the card), or voucher number (the 8 digits below the bar code) and the expiration date.  This information will help us locate your card or voucher after expiration.

If you do not contact us to request an appointment (either online or by phone) prior to the expiration date, you will still receive the cash value of the card or voucher to use toward a regular priced session.

Can I split a voucher or gift card that is good for more than one massage with another person.

No.  We are unable to split these options in our system.  If you have a single voucher or card with multiple sessions – all of the sessions must be used by the same person.  If you have separate vouchers or cards you may share those with whomever you choose.

I have called ____times. Why hasn’t anyone called me back?

There are a few reasons that we may not have returned you call

  1. You did not leave a voice message.  If you do not leave a voice message we will not call you back.
  2. You left a voice message but forgot to leave your number. This is remarkably common.
  3. Your voice message was garbled or otherwise unintelligible.
  4. We attempted to return your call but your voicemail is full or call is otherwise not able to be completed.
  5. You requested a same day appointment, did not leave other time options, and there were no appointments available.

We do try our best to return all calls within 24-48 hours.  Please bear in mind that your massage therapists are also the people taking calls.  This means we are unable to answer or return calls while we are in session.  During high call volume periods, it may occasionally take longer to get back to you.  If you left a message and have not heard back from us within 48 hours, please leave another message, it likely falls into one of the above situations, or you are on our list and we’ll be getting to you soon.